XConfessions Vol. 3

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10 anonymous sex confessions turned into explicit short films by acclaimed director Erika Lust

Part of an ongoing series inspired by the anonymous submissions at Xconfessions.com, this DVD showcases 10 explicit short films directed by Erika Lust. On the site, users write their dirtiest deeds and forbidden fantasies anonymously. Then, Erika handpicks two confessions every month to be turned into short films. With titles like ""I wish I was a lesbian” , “ A Week-end in the garden of Eden” and “ Boat Buddies (with benefits)” , this compilation covers everything from group sex, role-play, erotic games and strap-on sex. Regardless of your tastes, gender, sexual preference, or whether you're single or in a couple … you will never look at porn the same way after seeing Erika Lust's new erotic production!

Films: Boat Buddies With Benefits / A Weekend In The Garten Of Eden / Take Me Drunk I'm Home / Romance Bullshit / Cinéma X (Pigalle) / Hello, Pool Boy! / I Wish I Was A Lesbian / Fräulein O. / Rush Of The Forbidden / El que no ama no conoce a Dios

"Erika Lust takes people's real-life sexual stories, fantasies and confessions and turns them into beautifully shot erotic films with actual plotlines and a focus on female pleasure." Cosmopolitan

"You feel like you're watching an art house film, only eventually everyone gets naked and has sex. It's great." Salon

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