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  • Pleasure Fix

    Pleasure Fix

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    “I like how you lick my pussy but…”, “Can we have a threesome?”, “I want to peg you baby!” Sex can be hard to talk about. Pleasure Fix is an app designed to help couples explore their sexuality by trying new thin

  • Housemates 3

    Housemates 3

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    The Landlady Some call it spying. Others call it voyeurism. But for live-in landlady Evelyn, nothing is more important than keeping an eye on her tenants.

  • The Guesthouse

    The Guesthouse

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    Nestled in the Spanish countryside, there's a Guesthouse where visitors enjoy more than just the sunshine on their bodies. Come alone, come with a friend - just make sure you come.

  • Close To The Bone

    Close To The Bone

    von JoyBear Eingetragen 827 Aufrufe / Beliebt

    Two immortal lovers are feeling the three hundred year itch. As night falls the city becomes a playground for Jonus and Bryana, both seeking to quensch their insatiable thirst for danger and desire.

  • Quartet


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    Great Foursomes Play Well Together

  • Exposure


    von JoyBear Eingetragen 968 Aufrufe / Beliebt

    She'll hack your phone. She'll turn you on.

  • Ball Control

    Ball Control

    von JoyBear Eingetragen 1,244 Aufrufe / Beliebt

    They say that football is a man's world, but there's one woman on this pitch with all the power. The Team Physio Eva puts her massage skills to the test when struggling player Brodie needs a firm hand to help boost his perfomance - both on and off the pit

  • Tease: The Power Of Lingerie

    Tease: The Power Of Lingerie

    von JoyBear Eingetragen 1,153 Aufrufe / Beliebt

    If, according to Shakespeare, clothes maketh the man, then without doubt lingerie maketh the woman. Skyler (Ella Hughes) is the gorgeous young owner and head designer of lingerie company, Threadbare, whose empowering designs sprinkle magic dust over her f

  • Delilah's Top Tips

    Delilah's Top Tips

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    She'll blow your problems awayDelilah is the nation's naughtiest agony aunt dedicated to solving the nation's ... intimate dilemmas. She whips two city workers into a frenzy, puts a tennis coach's balls in his hot student's court, adds spice to a married

  • Corporate Bonding

    Corporate Bonding

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    On My Desk By MondayGood teamwork can lead to surprising situations. Rookie lawyer Leyla organises a team-building weekend by the beach for her and her firm of London lawyer. As trust is gained, intimacy is earned und sparks start to fly.

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation

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    A couple journey into the world of swinging

  • Pleasure Professionals 2

    Pleasure Professionals 2

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    Escape to the countryEvery summer Mrs ERC bolts to the countryside to relax and unwind. A secluded hotel provides the perfect getaway. With an air of mystery surrounding the elegant guest others quickly begin to feed off her sexual energy.

  • FIT


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    Beautiful bodies in motionYou are running on the beach, bathed in the beautiful sunshine. You feel alive and energised - what could be better? Get outside. Get active. Get the body you want.

  • Housemates 2

    Housemates 2

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    New house. New rules. Artist James (Nixon) moves to the UK in search of his ex-girlfriend (Dalush) and finds himself sharing a house with four incredibly attractive women. Can this hopeless romantic learn anything from his new housemates in order to find

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