Let Me Lick Your Tits

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Scarlett Sage can't believe her friend Lilly Ford has never kissed a guy before. It's no big deal, she assures her, lots of girls practice with their friends. Lilly asks her if she's sure this is the best way to practice. Maybe she should just practice on a stuffed animal or something? They both giggle and Lilly agrees to kiss. When Judy Jolie asks her cheerleader friend Kenna James why she decided to join the squad, she admits having ulterior motives other than cheering on the team. She confesses to wanting to be around beautiful girls but isn't sure they're lesbians like she is. Avi Love is waiting in the living room, casting quick looks to the front door. She can hardly contain her excitement for the arrival of her friend, Anny Aurora, who she hasn't seen in nearly two years. The two friends sit together on the couch, unable to keep their hands and eyes off one another. Avi gushes about how she has so many plans for Anny and can't wait to get started! When she goes into the bathroom, Avi sneaks back into the room and goes through her luggage. Her eyes widened as she finds Anny's vibrator. Her hot friend's so bold to be bringing this along on a holiday!

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